Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 3 Day 2

Dwight Howard

Plyometric Workout:

1. Tuck Jumps- 10 jumps x4

2. High Knees- 25 yards x 3

3. Bounding- 50 yards x 5

4. 5-Dot Drill (around the world x 2 + stutter step x 2)

5. Power Skip- 25 yards x 3

6. Rim grabs- 5 x 2

7. Jump Rope- 50 revolutions x 5

8. Ascending Box Jumps- 3x 3

9. Sprinting- 100 yards x 2; 50 x 4; 25 x 5

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week 3 Day 1

My first time doing a 200lb overhead squat (July 14th 2009)


1.Snatch- 1 Rep Max

2.Back Squat- 5 rep max

3. Core Couplet- Planks (1min 10 secs) and Hollow Holds (50 secs) X3

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Week 2 Day 6

(My first time putting 200 overhead)

Rest Day

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week 2 Day 5

Andre Igudola


1. Clean 2 rep max

2. Snatch 2 rep max

3. Core Couplet- Back lever holds + L-sits

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week 2 Day 4

Nate Robinson (Dunking over Spudd Webb)


CF WOD--> "Jeremy" 21-15-9

OHS + Burpees

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The "D" Word (Diet)

I am going to start this off by saying that there is no right or wrong way to eat. The only way to find the “right” way to eat is through experimentation. Everyone is slightly different and consequently everyone is going to have slightly different dietary requirements and inclinations. The only way to determine whether or not a specific dietary tactic or routine is benefiting oneself is see how you feel and how you perform (mentally, physically, and emotionally). That being said your diet should not be yet another source of stress and constant deliberation. It should be something that is both performance enhancing and easy to maintain.

CrossFit recommends a paleo/zone diet, which is in my opinion the best way to attack the infamous “D” word. The paleo diet is all about quality. “Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.” It stresses the consumption of whole foods as opposed to processed foods like grain, dairy and obviously sugar.

The zone diet is a way in which to measure one’s nutritional intake based upon lean body mass and energy output. It measures macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) in “blocks.” For example a 200lb male CrossFitter with a relatively low body fat percentage would eat somewhere between 18 and 20 blocks of each macronutrient on a daily basis. If the zone sounds like a headache and a source of stress, I agree whole-heartedly. Although the zone diet is an excellent and precise way to measure macronutrient intake, it can be very difficult to eat weighed and measured meals consistently given the ebb and flow of travel and work schedules.

Although I am a huge proponent of the paleo/zone diet, I think that an exact zone is extremely difficult to maintain and consequently simply making sure that all three macronutrient groups are present (and well proportioned) in one’s meals, while stressing paleo quality is an excellent way to attack the “D” word.

Week 2 Day 3


1. Clean and Jerk 1 rep max

2. Overhead Squat 1 rep max

3. Clean Grip Deadlift 3 rep max

4. Core Couplet: 1 minute planks (front and both sides) + 50 hollow rocks x3

Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 2 Day 2
Michael Jordan

Plyometrics Workout (perform all exercises with full recovery)

1. Sprint Progressions-5 x50 yards
@60% @70% @80% @90% @100%

2. High Knees-25 yards x3

3. Butt Kick-25 yards x3

4. 3 Rim Grabs (or taps) (with running start)x 3

5. Shuttle Shuffle-25 yards x4 (shuffle sideways 10 yards, shuffle back 10 yards, and shuffle the original direction 5 yards)

6. Carioca- 25 yards x4

7. Tuck Jump- 10 reps x 4

8. Sprinting- 50 yards x5

* Perform all of these exercises as quickly and explosively as possible*

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 2 Day 1


1. Snatch 3 rep max

2. Front Squat 3 rep max

3. "D.T"
Complete 5 rounds for time:
12 Deadlift 155.00lb (70.30kg)
9 Hang power clean 155.00lb (70.30kg)
6 Push jerk 155.00lb (70.30kg)

Week 1 Day 7

Rest Day

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 1 Day 6

Chris Anderson


5x3 Weighted L-pull-ups

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Vert

This past Tuesday I measured my vertical at 29 inches. I am able to touch the rim (10 feet) and I can reach 7'4'' when standing and reaching my arm as high as possible. To be able to dunk I will need to add about 8 inches to my vertical.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

week 1 Day 5

Pyrros Dimas


1) Snatch 2 rep max

2) Clean and Jerk 2 rep max

3)2x 1 minute planks (front and both sides)

4)L-sit 3x max (timed) hold from pull-up bar

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Since tomorrow is a rest day I thought that I would discuss recovery a bit. The rest day isn’t just meant for lounging around the house and remaining sedentary for an entire day. Recovery tactics like rolling out one’s knots on a foam roller, or jumping in a home made ice bath for 10 minutes are excellent ways to enhance the speed at which one recovers from the rigors of a challenging training regimen.

An excellent way to bolster one’s recovery without devoting too much time is the contrast shower. A contrast shower consists of alternating between cold and hot water in short intervals. I like to do one minute of cold water and one minute of hot water three times. It is quick and relatively easy to implement into one’s day. If you’re going to take a shower why not make it a physiologically beneficial experience? The key to successfully taking a contrast shower is to use the coldest water possible and the hottest water possible intermittently. The shower might not be an enjoyable experience, but the performance benefits are amazing. The theory behind the contrast shower (or bath) is that the cold water causes one’s blood vessels to narrow and the warm water causes the blood vessels to widen. Consequently, blood vessel inflammation is essentially pumped out. I have been using contrast showers for about a year now and I have noticed a distinct difference in how I feel and perform. I simply do not get as sore as I used to.

Diet and sleep also play an immense role in one’s ability to recover properly. That being said recovery doesn’t just happen on rest days it happens throughout the 23 or so hours of the day in which one does not train. I will discuss diet and sleep in later posts...

Week 1 Day 4
Vince Carter stuffing his entire forearm in the rim in the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest

Rest Day

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 1 Day 3

Andrey Chemerkin (108kg category) of Russia wins the clean and jerk gold medal at the 1996 Olympics.
Andrey Chemerkin (a Russian Olympian) after winning the Gold Medal in 1996


1. Clean and Jerk 3 rep max

2. Backsquat 3 rep max

3. CF WOD- "Nasty Girls" 3x 50 squats, 7 Muscle-ups, 10 62kg Hang Power Cleans

Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 1 Day 2
Spud Webb (5'6'' and capable of successfully completing a 360 dunk)

Plyometrics Workout (perform all exercises with full recovery)

1. Sprint Progressions-5 x50 yards
@60% @70% @80% @90% @100%

2. High Knees-25 yards x3

3. Butt Kick-25 yards x3

4. 3 Rim Grabs (with running start)x 3

5. Shuttle Shuffle-25 yards x4 (shuffle sideways 10 yards, shuffle back 10 yards, and shuffle the original direction 5 yards)

6. Carioca- 25 yards x4

7. Tuck Jump- 10 reps x 4

8. Sprinting- 50 yards x5

* Perform all of these exercises as quickly and explosively as possible*

Introduction to the 12 week Program

I am going to begin this by introducing myself and explaining the purpose of this blog. Here we go...

I am a CrossFit coach and student currently residing in Marin County, California. I am a former collegiate rower and former high school basketball player. I did well athletically in high school and in college despite the fact that I lacked natural explosiveness. I always thought that my sub-par “vert” was merely a product of my genetics, something that I could not change. I bought books, watched video, and basically tried everything I could to improve my jumping ability.

Before entering college my crew coach sent the entire incoming freshman a link to This simple e-mail that I am sure less than half of the team read, changed my life both athletically and professionally. I started out just messing around with the workouts on my own and then I found an affiliate in San Francisco to train at. I trained there for an entire summer and fell in love with CrossFit, but most importantly I fell in love with high intensity training. CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” I did CrossFit for about a year and half. What I realized was that I had never trained hard enough. Implementing high intensity training into my already stringent exercise regimen produced strength, speed, and agility gains that I honestly did not think I was capable of.

I have created a 12-week training template that I am hoping will help me achieve my dream of dunking a basketball. My goals over the course of the next twelve weeks are to dunk a basketball (running start permitted) and have an Olympic Lifting total of 200kg. To create my training plan for my 12-week program I have created a tailor-made compilation of some excellent training methodologies. First off I am going to use Coach Rut’s Max Effort Black Box template, which I believe is the best way to improve one’s strength while still regularly participating in CF WODs. The three main aspects of my program are Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, and CrossFit style met cons.

Olympic lifting—a training modality within CrossFit— has been scientifically proven to enhance one’s vertical leap. In the experiment Olympic lifters were found to have higher verticals than the majority of the members of the olympic volleyball team. This makes sense considering that olympic lifting is essentially a jump (opening of the hips) and a land (a catch). I will be participating in local Oly lifting competitions regularly. Competing is something that I love to do. Rut’s rotating lift schedule will be perfect for me. Also I will be implementing plyometric and sprint training once a week. Once a week I will be using the exercises recommended by the makers of the “strength shoe” (a company that manufactures “jump sole” shoes, which are marketed towards those wanting to improve their vertical)although I will not be using their shoe seeing as it has been found to cause injuries far too regularly. The strength shoe website is The combination of the exercises that they recommend is a very comprehensive plyometric training scheme, which will fit in well with everything else that I am doing.

A sample training week will go as follows:

Monday: Snatch Emphasis—Snatch Deadlift/Front Squat and Snatch/Hang Snatch+ a short CrossFit metcon

Tuesday: Plyo/ Sprint day

Wednesday Clean and Jerk Emphasis—Clean Deadlift/ Back Squat and Hang C+J/ C+J and a short CF Met Con

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Snatch and C+J day (similar to a competition)+ ab and back exercises

Saturday: Coaches WOD/ Competition—Every Saturday morning the entire Crossfit

Sunday: Rest Day

The CrossFit Marin staff has a coaches meeting every Saturday, which is followed by a very intense and competitive workout. We often do one of the benchmark named WODs. If I am participating in an Olympic Lifting competition on a given Saturday I will obviously not be partaking in the trainers WOD and my Friday workout will be more of a tune up than a heavy lifting day. Regardless, Saturday's workout will be very competitive.

The sample training week is just that...a sample. I will be altering my training regimen on a weekly basis. For example, I might not do three CrossFit WODs every week. I am going to base my programming upon how my body and mind feel. I am doing this because I love training and competing with goals in mind. Consequently, I will not be forcing myself to do anything.

I will be testing my one rep max snatch and clean and jerk regularly and I will be testing my max vert every Tuesday following my warm-up and before the plyometric workout. My CF Wods, although "cherry picked," will primarily come from the wonderful programming that Roger Harrell and Andres Del Rosa do for us at CF Marin. I will be posting my workouts everyday and a few times week I will post on a performance related topic (nutrition, sleep, performance psychology, proper warm-up, stretching, recovery, etc.)

Week 1 will begin on November 16th and Week 12 will commence on February 6th. Hopefully I will be able to post some videos of myself dunking before February.

-Blogmaster Ben

Day 1
Lebron James

Week 1 day 1

1. Snatch: work up to today's 5 rep max

2. Snatch Deadlift: work up to today's 5 rep max

3. CF WOD-- 3 rounds for time: Row 250 meters
15 75lb Hang Snatches