Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 9 Day 2


1. Back Squat- 1x2 95% of max

2. Standing 9' Two-handed Grabs- 3x3 no more than 50% of max added load...focusing on speed

3. 9' Dunks- 3x3 (actually dunking a basketball 2 handed over the high bar)

4. Box Jump- 5x1 static jump(no running start)

5. Box Jump- 5x1 with running start


  1. a little assisted inspiration

  2. That stuff is insane Rich.

    For anyone interested these are my results from the workout today:

    1. Back Squat- 301lbs 1x2

    2. 9' Grab- did all three sets with 20lbs added weight

    3. 9' dunk- no added weight

    4. Static Box Jump- 44inches

    5. Running Box Jump- 52inches (PR)

  3. Rich, that vid is awesome, some great ball handling, timing and kinesthetic awareness, all at the same time!