Friday, December 25, 2009

Half Way There and Hangin' on the Rim

If you have been perusing my recent blog posts it will be pretty obvious that my training has been going extremely well as of late. In the last week I have hit seven separate PRs. Today I successfully lifted 109kg (240lbs) in the Clean and Jerk, did a 70lb three rep pull-up, and an 80lb two rep pull-up. Most notably, I legitimately grabbed rim today for the first time in my life. For the last six weeks I have been tapping the bottom of the rim or missing it entirely. Today after the first part of my workout (C+J and weighted pull-ups) I went to the Redwood High School track to warm-up for my sprints. During my warm-up of light agility drills, still in a good mood from my newest two PRs, I decided to try to grab rim and I nailed it. I got about two inches of my finger on the rim. I was elated. In a continuation of the PR high that I am currently riding I am going to try to dunk a tennis ball tomorrow when I am fresh. Hopefully I will figure out how to get videos on the blog and post some of myself dunking (a tennis ball). So after six weeks of my 12 week training plan I am making significant progress that will hopefully allow me to achieve my ultimate goals of dunking a basketball and lifting an Oly total of over 200kgs.

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