Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hitting Some Big PRs

Today I did both a max box jump and one set of max pull-ups. I hit a massive PR in the box jump. At this point last year, when I was rowing in college, I could not jump onto a box above 36 inches. Today I really surprised myself by nailing a 51 inch box jump.

I guess my Olympic lifting, plyometric and met con progamming is working pretty well. I am mid way through week 5 of my 12 week "the quest for dunkage," and I have improved my explosiveness by leaps and bounds.

I also had a nice little PR on my max rep pull-ups to with 45. My previous PR was 40.

I am planning on doing a test run on a basketball hoop at some point next week. I'll try to keep the good results coming.

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